Our client is a large flooring company in the U.S., a wholesale provider selling to small businesses (referred to as members) that in turn sell to end customers. The company has several showrooms spread across the country and sells to members through a network of showrooms/franchisees. Each showroom has several account managers who manage relationships with existing members and are responsible for acquiring new members.


Empower account managers with information/tools to increase their productivity, and consequently acquire more members and increase sales.


Empower account managers and increase productivity by:

  • Providing leads from various sources on a centralized platform
  • Prequalifying leads so that account managers have a filtered list to work with
  • Providing existing member and associated end customer information to help account managers to manage member relationships
  • Providing directed work through analysis of data, e.g., segmentation (to identify key member segments to focus on), alerts for new members, members who have not purchased for a while, etc.

This led to the creation of a robust CRM platform for the client.


An analysis of member and sales data showed significant positive impact on sales, new member acquisition and conversion, and an increase in existing member purchases (frequency and value).