Conscience at work

At Customer Analytics, we see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as more than just a roster of activities. It is an extension of our approach to work and life. Our philosophy of 'proportion' and 'balance' is incomplete without our accountability to the society we function in.


We are proud to work with causes and organizations that empower the disenfranchised and enable self-reliance.

Our contributions could be in kind, buying supplies, setting up career training opportunities or paying educational dues; or as human capital, through volunteering efforts. Some areas we like to target are: children, children with special needs, health care for children and the elderly, hygiene, education (tuition support, providing supplies or computers) and contributing to maintenance of buildings to support these activities.

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Helping Visually Challenged Students

Helping visually challenged students to lead a more independent life, and assist them in their learning

2022 contribution:

  • Happy to be a major sponsor of Project Dhrishti, in collaboration with Madras Club of Rotary East and Arvind Eye Hospital to enable the visually challenged conduct their daily routine tasks and learning on their own. Special AI enabled glasses with features such as facial recognition, reading in Indian languages, navigation, etc., were distributed to 50 students of the National Institute for Empowerment of Visually Challenged People in Chennai.
Income Generating Project for Little Hearts

Funding an income generating project for Little Hearts, Chennai

2022 contribution:

  • Little Hearts, in Chennai, catering to orphaned children, children with intellectual disabilities, destitute adults with mental illness, children living in slums and children living in abject poverty and vulnerable situations, is working on a project to create eco-friendly products from arecanuts at their Panaiyur centre. Training of inmates will ensure that they receive a regular income. Customer Analytics was pleased to be able to fund this project and take it to completion.
Sponsoring a Mobile Clinic

Working with Rotary to provide quality medical care to villagers

2021 contribution:

  • The Hindu Mission Hospital inaugurated their Mobile Clinic, which will visit more than 50 villages in the surrounding areas of Tambaram, Chennai, to provide villagers with quality medical facilities and health camps at their doorstep. Along with Rotary, Customer Analytics was a major sponsor of this initiative, which has had a great impact on the lives of the villagers especially during the Corona lockdowns.
RO Unit for Chennai school

Ensuring safe and quality drinking water for school students

2021 contribution:

  • The CSI Middle School, at Saidapet in Chennai, has more than 300 students whose parents want to educate them but are unable to afford the cost of fees and other infrastructural expenses in the school. The school management is doing their best to provide good education and maintain school standards to encourage these children to continue their education. Customer Analytics funded the purchase of an RO unit for the school so that students who were returning after the lockdown could be assured of safe and hygienic drinking water.
Renovation of schools, homes for children

Renovation of schools, homes for children

2021 contribution:

  • Manasa is a non-profitable organization in Chennai, created to look after the mentally challenged, people affected with spastic cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and the other disadvantages from 2 years to 40 years. We helped the home get a new look by funding their renovation expenses.
  • Government School in Nachiyarpettai, Cuddalore district: We were happy to fund the painting and tiling renovation in the classrooms so that the school will be ready with a new look when their students return.
Wheelchair Trust of India - Contribution

Our contribution this year will help over 50 beneficiaries

2021 contribution:

  • We have been associated with the Wheelchair Trust of India for a long time, and this year too we were happy to be a major sponsor of their annual initiative to ensure powered wheelchairs are provided to those who cannot afford the cost involved. Our contribution this year will help over 50 beneficiaries, and also cover expenses such as battery sets for the older wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs for the differently abled

Callidai Motor Works in Chennai manufactures power wheelchairs for the differently abled.

2020 contribution:

  • We are a sponsor for the motorised wheelchairs manufactured by Callidai Motor Works. This initiative has impacted the lives of 100+ disabled children and adults who are unable to operate regular wheelchairs and cannot afford the cost of a motorised wheelchair, thus allowing them to lead more independent lifestyle.
Delivery of Health care supplies

Working with the Raman Trust and the Cancer Institute at Adyar.

2020 contribution:

  • Delivery of health care supplies to the Children’s ward of the Cancer Institute at Adyar, facilitated by the Raman Trust. Grateful that we can make a difference to the lives of these children!
Festive cheer to the under-privileged

Adding festive cheer to the under-privileged

2019 contribution:

  • Provisions were collected from employees and handed over to Little Hearts, a centre started in 1994, located in Panaiyur, ECR, Chennai, where mentally and physically disabled of all ages are supported with shelter, food, special education and health services.
Humanitarian service

Working in association with Rotary, an organisation well known for its humanitarian service around the world.

2019 contribution:

  • The Global Grant project by Rotary supports large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s areas of focus.Read More
Aravind Eye Care Hospital

Aravind Eye Care Hospital is run by GOVEL Trust, a charitable, non-profit organization, working towards the mission of eliminating needless blindness through high quality, high volume and compassionate eye care affordable by all.
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2019 contribution:

  • Customer Analytics, working with the Rotary Club of Madras East, has contributed to procurement of high end ocular equipment for 4 centres of Aravind Eye Care Systems in Tamil Nadu.
Equipment for education

Education of children has always been an important focus of the Customer Analytics’ CSR program.

2019 contribution:

Electronic equipment (desktop, printers, projector) to be used for educational programs for students of government schools Read More
Relief efforts

This year saw natural calamities strike both Kerala and Tamil Nadu, causing extensive damage and rendering thousands homeless.

2018 contribution:

  • Employees at Customer Analytics made their contributions towards relief efforts for those affected by the Kerala floods in Jul – Aug 2018, and by the cyclone Gaja in November 2018. Contributions were both in material and in cash. The cash donations made by the employees were matched by Customer Analytics both times.
EEureka Run 2019

2019 contribution:

The team from Customer Analytics participated in the marathon organised by Aid India, an NGO working in education for underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu. Held on 24 Feb at Elliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar, Chennai, the aim of the Eureka Run 2019 was to spread the message about rural education and to fund raise for toys for children in villages.
Aid India

Aid India focuses on the education of children in rural areas and small towns.

2018 contribution:

  • 20 desktop computers
V-Excel Educational Trust

The V-Excel Educational Trust provides vocational training to specially-abled children, ensuring they are able to lead a life of dignity and independence.

2018 contribution:

  • In tandem with the Rotary, funded the installation of training labs and audio-visual rooms, as well as computers, tablets and cameras
Karna Vidya Foundation

The Karna Vidya Foundation seeks to empower visually impaired people through employment by providing training, career guidance and job placement services.

2016-18 contribution:

  • Provide accommodation to students while they are training
Eureka Run

Feburary 2018 contribution:

  • Customer Analytics employees participated in the Eureka Run for Underprivileged Children organised by Aid India held at Elliott’s Beach. Proceeds from the run went toward primary school education for rural children 
Karunai Villa Trust

The Karunai Villa Trust, based in Alwarthiru Nagar in Chennai, is an organization that works to rehabilitate the mentally handicapped who are left uncared for on the streets.

2018 contribution:

  • Employee donations were matched by Customer Analytics
Clarke School
for the Deaf, Chennai

Founded in 1970, the mission of the Clarke School for the Deaf is to educate, train and rehabilitate the hearing impaired, mentally retarded, deaf blind and multiple handicapped children, and to help them avail all the privileges that are available to the able bodied.

2014-18 contribution:
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Wheels for ALL Initiative,
Wheelchair Trust of India

2017-18 contribution:

  • 30 motorized wheelchairs/tricycles

2016-17 contribution:

  • 30 motorized wheelchairs/tricycles

2015-16 contribution:

  • 20 motorized wheelchairs/tricycles
Give a Brick Run

August 2017 contribution:

50+ CA employees participated in the Give a Brick Run to raise funds to build a centre of excellence for the Chennai Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Ramakrishna Mission Residential High School

2016-17 contribution:

  • Hydraulic kits for the automotive lab.
Government Adidravidar
Nala High School,

2016-17 contribution:

Contributed to building upgrades, restrooms, sports equipment, computers, computer desks and chairs, and a printer

Avvai Home TVR Girls
Higher Secondary School,
Besant Nagar

2016-17 contribution:

Construction of 19-stall restrooms

Manasa School for the
Special Children, Chennai

Established in 1998, Manasa is a non-profit institution that caters to the needs of individuals with limitations in their cognitive and physical abilities.

2014-17 contribution:

  • Annual contribution to their Diwali celebration
Anbu Karangal Centre
for Human Service

A loving home for 87 children and 43 senior citizens.

2014-15 contribution:

  • Books, provisions and storage cabinets
Amaze Charitable Trust

Formed with the vision to help families navigate the autism maze; to help optimize the potential of individuals on the autism spectrum and related disorders; and to make them respected and contributing members of the community.

2014-15 contribution:

  • Built a mobile app to support the productivity of autistic people