Monitoring the health of metalworking fluids with Fluid Health 360

Customer Analytics with our partner CECOR have crafted an innovative solution for CNC shops to monitor the health of metal working fluids in CNC machines, thereby cutting costs increasing productivity, and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. The product suite includes a web app for administration and reporting, and iPad/mobile apps for capturing fluid measures on a regular basis. With a comprehensive set of features for different user profiles such as sales reps, distributors, service engineers, supervisors, machine operators and management, the Fluid Health 360 offers a holistic solution for metalworking fluids management.

Monitoring the health of metalworking fluids with Fluid Health 360


Fluid Health 360 Vision

To make the checking and replacement of fluids based on data and automation, thereby cutting costs, ensuring consistent performance and avoiding unexpected breakdown

The Fluid Health 360 Solution offers

Smart I-Pad App
for operators

Web App
for Administrators

How it works

Ipad App for operators

Actionable Insights for Management

Machines that need attention

Trends of vital fluid measures over time

Environmental influences on your metalworking fluid

How to extend fluid life

Predictive reporting of potential problems

Potential shutdown

Tramp oil & sludge levels

See more about Fluid Health 360 on CECOR's website.