Customer Analytics is people working in tandem with technology, one complementing the other, both perfectly balanced. In fact, we are all about balance—balancing work with life being fundamental. Our idea of the "Perfect Ratio," enshrined in our logo, symbolizes this. We believe in the success of every single employee in their career and life. which is why you will find that one of our core values is "Creating wealth for employees."


Rajkumar AS

Project Lead

"I have been working with Customer Analytics for the past 3 years. It is the best job that I have had so far. CA values 'Hard work' & 'Quality' that makes you more responsible at work. The friendly environment helps you grow and develop your knowledge and skills. CA's greatest asset is its people and it is a pleasure to work with a group of great people."

RS Parrthipan

Technical Manager

"My heartfelt gratitude to Customer Analytics for the most remarkable experience of my professional life. The opportunities for advancement that CA has furnished have been truly transformative in the technological dimension. The knowledge and skills I have gained here helped me to climb the career ladder swiftly and I am honoured to be a part of CA family."

Priyadarshini Sellamani

Software Engineer – Trainee

"My career journey in Customer Analytics has been splendid and stunning. My level of confidence has heightened considerably after becoming a part of CA. As a fresher, I have learnt many technologies and worked in different domains which increased my knowledge and skills. I am looking forward for more amazing experiences with CA."

Gowtham Yogaraj

Software Engineer – Trainee

"The dedication shown by Customer Analytics to employee growth and development is commendable. As a fresher, the inclusive work culture and supportive team have made my transition into the professional world seamless. The exposure to cutting-edge technologies has accelerated my learning curve. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences CA has provided me and look forward to a promising future with the company."

The right MIX

Customer Analytics is not a one-size-fits-all company and we always go the extra mile to address the specific needs and concerns of our employees.

Our management philosophy is all about being involved without micromanagement, proactively solving problems and leading from the front. Whenever there is an issue or a concern, as an employee, you are never left alone to deal with it, management is always present to offer time-tested advice, and to step in if need be.


Pay for
your performance


Career progression through
continuous learning

Giving back to
the community (CSR)

At Customer Analytics, women empowerment is a reality and is at the core of our operating philosophy. This is reflected in our women-friendly policies, and in the fact that several top positions are held by women. CA is an excellent environment for women employees to grow and thrive.

Customer Analytics is also a delivery and performance oriented company. Therefore, we value employee performance above all and reward employees based on their performance, without being constrained by bell curves or politics. Employees can literally let their work speak for itself, and management is always looking to aggressively promote top achievers and offer greater opportunities to those who can deliver.