Customer Analytics is people working in tandem with technology, one complementing the other, both perfectly balanced. In fact, we are all about balance—balancing work with life being fundamental. Our idea of the "Perfect Ratio," enshrined in our logo, symbolizes this. We believe in the success of every single employee in their career and life. which is why you will find that one of our core values is "Creating wealth for employees."


Pricilla Dorathy

Systems Analyst

"It goes without saying that Customer Analytics has helped me in developing a strong foundation in IT skills and competencies. Every system and standard followed here is made to ensure that it benefits the employee as well as the management. Besides various facilities for employees, as well as security, Customer Analytics offers a wide range of career opportunities to explore one’s interest in work. Working at Customer analytics can never be an excruciating task!"

Rakesh Raman

Technical Lead

"I started my career in 2017 at Customer Analytics as a Senior Software Developer. Everyone here is very approachable and willing to take time out of their busy day to help each other out. I feel very empowered by, and confident in, my teammates and managers which makes for a great work environment. Customer Analytics has moulded me both professionally and personally. We get opportunities to work on the latest technologies available and can still maintain a perfect work life balance which I believe is the greatest advantage of working here."

Santhosh Kumar Anandan

Technical Manager

"I truly enjoy working in such a family-like and friendly atmosphere with lot of learning, training opportunities and flexible work schedules. The senior management team is easily approachable, motivating and caring. I often tell my friends that Customer Analytics is the right place to work. You are always encouraged to take care of your family and you will be provided with plenty of opportunities to enhance your career growth. The culture of Customer Analytics makes me excited to come to work every day."

Pradhepadevi Elengeshwaran

Project Lead

"I joined Customer Analytics 5 years ago. As a woman employee I really feel very safe and secure at the office. As a married woman, I am able to look after my family, and Customer Analytics plays a key role here, the key being nothing but “work-life balance”. I am also very thrilled with the “Team Achievement “awards which motivates us to work as a team. The management makes sure that all the employees are treated equally and keep their ears open for employee problems and suggestions. I look forward to being a part of this organization for a long time to come."

The right MIX

Customer Analytics is not a one-size-fits-all company and we always go the extra mile to address the specific needs and concerns of our employees.

Our management philosophy is all about being involved without micromanagement, proactively solving problems and leading from the front. Whenever there is an issue or a concern, as an employee, you are never left alone to deal with it, management is always present to offer time-tested advice, and to step in if need be.


Pay for
your performance


Career progression through
continuous learning

Giving back to
the community (CSR)

At Customer Analytics, women empowerment is a reality and is at the core of our operating philosophy. This is reflected in our women-friendly policies, and in the fact that several top positions are held by women. CA is an excellent environment for women employees to grow and thrive.

Customer Analytics is also a delivery and performance oriented company. Therefore, we value employee performance above all and reward employees based on their performance, without being constrained by bell curves or politics. Employees can literally let their work speak for itself, and management is always looking to aggressively promote top achievers and offer greater opportunities to those who can deliver.