Customer Analytics is people working in tandem with technology, one complementing the other, both perfectly balanced. In fact, we are all about balance—balancing work with life being fundamental. Our idea of the "Perfect Ratio," enshrined in our logo, symbolizes this. We believe in the success of every single employee in their career and life. which is why you will find that one of our core values is "Creating wealth for employees."

A Great Place To Work

Customer Analytics has been officially certified as a Great Place To Work organisation!

CA has set a new benchmark when compared to the top 100 mid-sized organizations, based on employee ratings in the following areas

Work Life Balance
Appreciation at Work
Customer Advocacy
Fair Pay
Approachability of Management


Physical Safety at
the Workplace

Fair Treatment
of all Employees


At Customer Analytics, we believe the company’s success is because of our employees. Ensuring employee well-being is a core principle of our organization and a priority, which is exemplified by our employee friendly policies along with a positive and supportive work environment. This has now been validated by the positive feedback in the Great Place to Work survey.



Sudhakaran Viswanathan

QA Manager

"Customer Analytics has been the one solid constant, as I go through different phases of my life personally and professionally. The phrase “Work Life Balance” is synonymous with CA. Management has always pushed us to break boundaries and explore new arenas, constantly challenging us with new roles and technology. I am happy to state that I have never felt insecure or hesitant with my peers or leaders, while discussing or contradicting ideas."

Karthi Arthanari

Project Manager

"I have always felt Customer Analytics was the right place for me to work and grow as I am able to balance my personal and work life well. On the work front, I have many opportunities to learn and shine in my career as we have a friendly leadership team who help us work towards smooth and efficient deliverables. I also find that mentoring new joiners to the team gives me an extremely positive vibe about my work and time spent here."

Rubitha Shanmugam

Associate Project Manager

"Everything I want to say about Customer Analytics can be wrapped up in a single sentence: To speak about my time and career at Customer Analytics, the simplest words that come to mind are that this company is the perfect home that improves my career, allows me to focus on learning and also allows me to pay attention to family values. Happy to be a part of Customer Analytics!"

Keertti Raj Thangavelu Babu

Senior Technical Lead

"I began my journey as a fresher with Customer Analytics, and I have been a member of the CA family for about 8 years. This company has given me a lot of exposure and training in many platforms and technologies. The finest aspect of working for CA is that we receive all the assistance we need to advance our careers and showcase our creativity, intuition, and skills."

The right MIX

Customer Analytics is not a one-size-fits-all company and we always go the extra mile to address the specific needs and concerns of our employees.

Our management philosophy is all about being involved without micromanagement, proactively solving problems and leading from the front. Whenever there is an issue or a concern, as an employee, you are never left alone to deal with it, management is always present to offer time-tested advice, and to step in if need be.


Pay for
your performance


Career progression through
continuous learning

Giving back to
the community (CSR)

At Customer Analytics, women empowerment is a reality and is at the core of our operating philosophy. This is reflected in our women-friendly policies, and in the fact that several top positions are held by women. CA is an excellent environment for women employees to grow and thrive.

Customer Analytics is also a delivery and performance oriented company. Therefore, we value employee performance above all and reward employees based on their performance, without being constrained by bell curves or politics. Employees can literally let their work speak for itself, and management is always looking to aggressively promote top achievers and offer greater opportunities to those who can deliver.