Data is truth. The Truth That Helps Your Business Take Off.

Getting meaningful insights from the deluge of data that pours in every day requires deep expertise and an experienced partner.  Customer Analytics is that partner, with more than 20 years of experience working with data across platforms and industries.

With the explosion of data in recent years, we now live in a data driven economy, and it is imperative to have accurate, reliable data in a timely manner to make good, intelligent decisions.

Customer Analytics converts your data into information that will arm you with the knowledge you need to stay one step ahead of your competition and to take advantage of more opportunities.  Our team of data architects, data hygiene experts, data scientists, administrators and data developers can transform any kind of data—clean, unclean, structured, unstructured, relational or multidimensional—into manageable sources of information.

We have significant expertise in database design, optimization and security, integration of disparate data, appending with external data sources and developing data marts that can be used for a variety of purposes, from feeding information to apps, reports and dashboards, to machine learning models.

What we do

Ensuring accurate and relevant data is available at the right moment in the right format.

BI Database Design,
& Optimization
Designing databases that are scalable, secure and ensure data integrity.
BI Master
Data Management
Maintaining one source of truth.
BI Data Cleansing,
Analysis and
Cleansing, standardizing and enhancing data for applications, advanced reporting and analytics.
BI BI Reporting
and OLAP Cubes
Enabling multidimensional analysis and reporting through OLAP cubes and tabular OLAP.
BI Data Warehousing
Integrating data from disparate sources through efficient ETL/EDI processes to provide data with high integrity and timeliness to support all business services.
BI Database
Database installation, migration, capacity planning, monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure high availability and performance.


To meet the BI and analytic reporting needs of the business, our data team understands the need and then begins the process of 'discovering' the data, identifying the data sources and data elements needed for the analysis. Data from disparate sources is collated, cleansed, standardized and enriched with data from external sources as needed. Once the analysis is completed by our analysts, the data team helps operationalize the results by setting up regular processes for getting the data into a warehouse/mart and building cubes as needed for optimal reporting.


Understanding customer profile is key to managing relationships with customers, Our data team has proven expertise in collating customer-related data from disparate sources to build a unified and holistic view of the customer. Our time-tested dedup algorithms collapse duplicate customer records from different sources to build a unique profile, and also help in identifying customers belonging to the same household. The result of this process is a 'customer master' that becomes the single source of information for all interactions with customers. Coupled with an API layer that can serve up customer data to any application, this customer master is a powerful data source for the business.