Sensing patterns to make better business sense.

At Customer Analytics, we believe that Data Analytics and Machine Learning are tools to enable businesses to thrive and grow. A good analytics solution tells a story of the past, present and the future, and is about finding hidden patterns in data to provide critical business insights and drive business change.

We do Analytics the old-fashioned way, by focusing on the fundamentals, understanding business needs, obtaining the right data, and applying the appropriate analytics/machine learning techniques.

In a world where we are faced with the incessant hype around Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence—where we are led to believe that these will magically solve all kinds of problems—we believe we can separate the facts from hype and actually help you leverage the power of analytics and machine learning.

We take a business-oriented approach, working closely with business leaders to understand the vision, subject matter experts to follow market dynamics and data gurus to grasp the hidden information present in data. Our goal is to build solutions that resonate across several levels of an organization.

Our analytics is not about statistical models, charts or numbers alone. It's about insights, recommendations, ROI, and actions that can help make better business decisions.

We seek to align timeliness with accuracy to prompt action that can produce the highest ROI possible, one leading to the next.

Insight : Action : Value Realization

some classic Business questions we Answer

Business Questions

Supply Chain


How can I dynamically adjust my forecasts to minimize the demand-supply gap and optimize inventory?


What products are customers likely to buy, based on their previous purchase?


How does online traffic correlate to store traffic and store sales?


What is the profile of my best customers? Who is likely to defect?




What is the profile of an average student? Which students are likely to drop out?


What are the behaviors and attributes typical of a successful faculty member?

Health Care


Which physicians are most loyal and likely to refer patients to my hospital? Which physicians are likely to split?

Analytics Maturation Path

Our approach to Analytics is governed by where the organization fits on the Analytics Maturation Path.
We support clients at any stage and help them progress along this maturation path.

Implementation Approach

Our analytics projects begin with identifying the business need/question. Our data team then begins the process of ‘discovering’ the data, identifying the data sources and data elements needed for the analysis. Data from disparate sources are collated, cleansed, standardized and enriched with data from external sources as needed. Our analysts work with subject matter experts in the client’s organization as well as from the industry to understand the business dynamics. They employ statistical analysis, quantitative techniques and machine learning, and build models that generate insights and direct business action. We work with the client’s organization to determine the appropriate delivery platform (reports, dashboards, alerts, web application etc.) and supporting data structures (data warehouse, cubes etc.) needed to operationalize this.

Domains / Verticals

Our solutions are spread over different domains such as retail, supply chain, manufacturing and education, and within these, over different levels such as organizational, regional and departmental.


  • Preventive & Reactive Plant Maintenance
  • Operator Performance Scorecard
  • Vendor Performance Scorecard
  • Optimal Manufacturing Run Size
  • Asset Utilization
  • Inventory Optimization


  • Customer Clustering & Segmentation
  • Customer Characteristics Analysis
  • Demographic Profiling
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Store Performance Analysis
  • Store Diagnostics
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Web Analytics
  • Retail Association Analytics – Member vs Group


  • Forecast Planner Performance
  • Dynamic Forecast Adjustments
  • Forecast Accuracy Analysis
  • Quadrant Analysis – Volume vs Margin


  • Sales Overview & Trends
  • Campaign Response Analysis
  • Zip Assessments
  • Market Potential
  • Geospatial Representation
  • Ad Effectiveness


  • HR – Key Metrics Analysis e.g., Headcount, Hires & Separations
  • Retail – Net Promoter Score Analysis
  • Distribution – Vehicle Utilization Analysis
  • Education – Faculty Behaviour Analysis and Modelling
  • Health Care – Physician Loyalty Modelling
  • Aquaponics Farm Plant Lifecycle Modelling
  • Big Data Analytics

case studies

Multi-specialty hospitals engage with medical practitioners of various specializations in different geographic areas. Their revenue and growth depends, to a large extent, on the strength…


A state-of-the-art aquaponics system-based organic farm producing lettuces, microgreens and other such produce was looking for a solution that would help them track their produce through different growth stages...