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Our business model is not based on giving away our best ideas on our Web site. Instead, we believe a 30-minute conversation or web demonstration will reveal whether we can help your organization.

Our best success comes with companies over $50,000,000 in annual revenues (or aggressively growing in that direction ) that also have multiple establishments. Our philosophy is simple: measure everything we can and test, test, test. We’ve found this practice-makes-perfect approach transforms our clients’ businesses into active, unstoppable marketing organizations.

If we’re a match, we’ll engage in a subsequent fact-finding meeting required for us to give your company a comprehensive Client Engagement Roadmap. This is a tailored roadmap for your company that provides timelines, deliverables and associated costs required to integrate Customer Analytics into your organization.

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Customer Analytics
  • Lifestage Segmentation
  • Industry specific Segmentation
  • Product-based Segmentation
  • Custom Metric-based Reports
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • RFM Analysis
    • Acquisition Rates
    • Customer Media Preferences
    • Retention Rates
Database Services
  • Extreme Hygiene™ Proprietary database cleansing and standardization process
  • Design / Creation / Enhancements
  • Hosting / Updates / Maintenance
Marketing Services
Powered by our
Rockit Box®technology
  • Customer Modeling
  • Prospect Modeling
  • List Development / Acquisition
  • Response Analysis